Plexus Andromeda



Human kind is investigated
by Andromedans!

This is the story of the earthling David C. Miles, who is taken far away by the aliens into the vast depths of outer space.

Suspended in cosmic trance he is haunted by images of strange androids and a huge star digestor. Just before Miles is about to go mad, the aliens send him to a deep sleep, which lasts for 200 years and during which he is transformed into an Andromedan him-self. He awakes as a new creature, henceforth living a supernatural life in the stellar constellation of Andromeda.

In the meantime mankind has discovered space travel and makes progress with its exploration of Andromeda – to the unease of the Andromedans who feel that their home is jeopardized! So they split up the former earthling Miles into numerous entities and send him back to earth as a lethal weapon – where he sets out from the arctic ice to destroy mankind..


> No Snaildance, please (1994)
> Lovely Night Creatures (1995)
> Circus Maximus (1999)
> Underwater (2001)
> Dance Music for Insects (2002)
> The Temptations of St. Anthony (2004)
> now? (2008)
> 91-99 (2013
> Cockaigne (2014)
> Kinder der Nacht (2016)