The new album with songs from Zinkl’s prehistoric musical times

The first 13 pieces were composed 1991-1992 with the Korg M1 keybord sequencer during my pre-Mac-era. These short pieces are the result of a rather limited range of sounds, a low memory capacity and – a lot of patience. The M1 is no longer mine but the music is happily alive :)

The other 7 pieces, which have never appeared on a Zinkl album but which I still love, were written in the years 1993-1999 (on Mac/Cubase).

On “Electromonks” I made use of sampled choirs (from a Russian mass) for the first time. “Ich möcht’ music” was my contribution to a music competition on Bayern 2 radio, while “Fanfare of the Giant Beetle” was an early precursor of the dance music for insects.



> No Snaildance, please (1994)
> Lovely Night Creatures (1995)
> Plexus Andromeda (1997)
> Circus Maximus (1999)
> Underwater (2001)
> Dance Music for Insects (2002)
> The Temptations of St. Anthony (2004)
> now? (2008)
> Cockaigne (2014)
> Kinder der Nacht (2016)